Thursday, June 23, 2011

AT&T can kiss my entire black ass!

Verizon tried. Sprint tried. T-Mobile tried until AT& T tried to buy them. Credo tried, telling me how AT&T supports right wing conservatives and the Tea Party.

But some of my best friends and at least one relative are right wing conservatives. Nobody, but NOBODY could get me to leave AT&T, even when my iPhone bill was just to high for me to manage on my part-time employee, retiree's income. Then my due date was changed to the beginning of the month and I had to call every month to tell somebody in India when I could make a payment to prevent my phone service from temporarily suspended. I tried to get a different phone and a cheaper but couldn't because my bill was never current. I tried to explain that I'd always be late paying a bill due at the same time as my rent, insurance payments, cable, electric, and credit card bills.

But I was told when I called after my phone service was temporarily
suspended that I can't get a new due date because I'm not current. I can't pay my
bill on time because of the due date, but I can't get a new due date because I can't
pay my bill on time. So, I told the man from India whose flippant remarks did not transform me into my ghettofabulous alter-ego whose salty response to a Nigerian
scammer got over a thousand views on my original blog. No, I refused to be the
angry black woman another man from India offered to buy me a row house in San
Francisco to role play when he answered my ad in the personals of a Detroit
paper, along with 500 other guys who fantasized about large women.

I was just me. The loyal AT&T customer who stayed with a company everyone hates and refused to let go until they showed me how little my loyalty means to
them. My fiance is going to hook me up with his cell service, which costs a third of
what I've been paying for my iPhone service. I eventually want to get an Android
phone because I found out it's easy to create apps for it, but it'll have to wait until I
have more money to spend on cell phone service. I can still use the Internet on
my iPhone whenever I'm someplace with free wifi and I'll have a phone to make
calls and send texts. So I'm cool.

Shi-nay-nay, my alter ego, still wants to give someone at AT&T in a position of
power a piece of her mind and a lot of her lip, but I'll keep her in check. I've got
plans for her anyway. I'm writing a play about her in various situations that make
most of us want to scream, curse, and act like we're insane. She does all that and
more. But she does it with such wit and ghetto style, you have to give the girl her
props. Don't take my word for it. Check out her reply to that scammer! (see previous post, "Where My Money, Biotch")

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