Saturday, January 3, 2009


Due to the complexity of computer programming, I was unable to paste my avatar next to my Diva Frog. Oh, well.

The avatar actually reminds me of my pin-up photos taken thirteen years ago in 1995. Maybe it’s because I wore a red nightshirt in the pin-ups and my avatar is wearing red shoes and jewelry. Those photos turned out remarkably well. Guess I’m photogenic or I was then. There were ten photos in all, but DIMENSIONS only published one. However, they chose the best one to feature with my story about being “smart and sexy.”

I’m not sure I was ever either. I’ve had reason to question my intelligence recently, involving myself in so many projects, I don’t have time to breathe. However, I’ve been waiting all my life to do what I’m doing now and NOTHING is going to stop me! (As for being sexy, I was reared to be a proper lady and, besides, I was a preacher's daughter; but you know what they say about Virgos - well, I was born on the cusp so I'm part virgin - we may be reserved, but once you light the fire, watch out or you'll get burned. Don't worry, guys; my spark is mostly hot air these days, going through meonpause and all that - but I hear it all comes back in your sixties, so watch out!)

I’m just taking a break from working on my projects and reading the background material for the book I’m ghost writing, so this won’t be long.

Apologies to all my former friends. I say former, because since I don’t have time for my friends, I’m sure they won’t be my friends much longer. That’s all right. One is fortunate to have one good friend in a lifetime and I had one who died eight years ago. I’ve also been fortunate to have many other friends and acquaintances before and since then. So, I’m ahead of the game.

I wrote about friends, family, and lovers in this blog in the past because those relationships consume so much of our lives. While I don’t have time to spend with my friends or to acquire a lover (the last one sent me looking for the nearest cave to in which to hibernate!), I am going to take time for my family this year.

I spent TWO WHOLE weeks with them in November, but couldn’t go to Columbus to see them Christmas due to work commitments. However, I will not miss any holidays with the family in 2009, even if I don’t make it to Columbus on the day of the holiday.

I realized last year that my family means more to me than anything else, including all of my projects. Speaking of which, I’ve got to take a look at my novel, now that I may have a publisher; find some playwrighting contests to enter, now that I've done yet another re-write; explore some other marketing options for my curriculum guide, now that I've contacted all the day habs in Ohio or at least attempted to; and work on compiling my columns for that book, now that I have a title column and have completed most of the research for it.

I also have short stories, one acts, and that column to write! Whew!

I’ll come up for air some time in 2010!

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